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How Murphy's Townhouse Candles came to be...

In a nutshell, I was frustrated with the cost of great smelling candles and couldn't justify spending the cash on "name-brand candles".  After much research, much planning, trial and error - my husband and I started making our own candles and wax  tart melts.  When I brought a tart into a co-worker, she asked "Where did you GET that?"  She was amazed at the smell and how long it lasted - I was too!!  The first one we tried was Cinnamon Chai and it lasted almost 2 weeks of melting it 8 hours/day.  Other people would pass thru our office and wonder the same thing.  The thought never crossed my mind to start selling them - but "why not" I asked myself.  And so the journey began.  We aren't out to "make it big" - 

we are in this to provide candle lovers the opportunity 

of purchasing candles and tarts at a great low budget cost. 

Please take  the opportunity to give us a try - you will not be disappointed!

We hope you enjoy our candles as much as we love making them!

Kim & Kelly Murphy

Kendallville, IN

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